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    Peezy Points Rewards Program
        What is the Peezy Points Reward Program?
        How does the Program work?
        Is there an additional fee associated with Peezy Points?
        What are the benefits of Peezy Points?
        How can I redeem my Peezy Points?
        Must I redeem my points at the minimum 200 points, or can I wait to accumulate more?
        Must I wait a certain period of time before I may redeem points?
        Can my Peezy Points expire?
        How do I prevent my Peezy Points from expiring?
        How do I keep track of my Peezy Points?
        How long will it take for the points to appear on my account?
        Can I transfer my Peezy points to another customer?
        Can I use my points to send free credit to another customer?
        What are the different membership tiers?
        How can I upgrade my account to a higher tier?
        What is the difference between Activity and Advantage Points?
        How do I qualify to get Peezy Points?
        Do I automatically get Peezy Points as a Peezy customer, or must I enroll separately?
        How do I activate Peezy Points?

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