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    Peezy Plans
        What is Peezy Plans?
        What are the different Peezy Plans?
        How does Peezy Plans work?
        Is there an additional fee associated with Peezy Plans?
        What are the benefits of Peezy Plans?
        How do I sign up for a Regional Peezy Plan?
        How do I know that my calling rates have reduced when I choose a Regional Peezy Plan?
        Must I select a Regional Peezy Plan?
        Can I choose more than one (1) Peezy Plan at a time?
        How can I switch back to Peezy Continental from a Regional Peezy Plan?
        How do I pay the monthly fee for my chosen Peezy Regional Plan?
        What if I don?t have enough funds in my Peezy account balance to pay the monthly fee?
        I have 2 favorite countries in 2 different regions. Can I switch back and forth between Regional Peezy Plans?
        Do I have to dial a different access number when I choose a new Peezy Plan?

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