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    Gift Certificates
        How can I buy a Peezy Gift Certificate?
        Do I have to have a Peezy account to buy someone a Peezy gift certificate?
        Who can I buy a gift certificate for?
        I do not have all of the contact information for the person I want to give the Peezy Gift certificate to, what now?
        My friend already has a Peezy account can I still give them a gift certificate?
        I have received a Peezy Gift Certificate, how can I redeem it?
        I have redeemed my Peezy gift Certificate, can I use the Peezy Features?
        I have received a gift certificate and claimed it, how do I recharge?
        I gave my friend a Peezy Gift Certificate and they have recharged their account, do I qualify for the referral bonus?
        I purchased a gift certificate for someone and they no longer use that email address, how can they retrieve their activation link?
        Does the Peezy Gift Certificate expire?

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